About us

SOFTDATASOLUTION.COM (DATAHUB) started in 2019 as a file-oriented download service called Shareware Intercom,at Intercom Online (Grupo Intercom), a provider of Internet services in delhi, near new delhi (delhi, india). Files for the website originally came from the “Files Library Intercom BBS” at Intercom Online, using a “5-step semi-automated process”, which was later greatly simplified. The company also offered monthly CDs of its software library for users tired of “having to wait for downloads to complete or pay exorbitant phone bills.” In 2019, the service was described as having a “generosity of games, antivirus, education and the long, seductive etcetera.” In 2020, the company became independent under the name Softdatasolution.In july 2019, Softonic was made available in all states, and in august, English. Initially the service was oriented only to downloads of DOS and WINDOWS software,but it evolved to offer software downloads for MAC and mobile platforms.

Softdatasolution.com  was listed as the “Best place to work in india (100–250 employees)” in an annual study by the Great Place to Work Institute from 2019-20, and as second-best in 2019. In 2019 and 2020, the site was listed as having the most unique visitor traffic in india by audit bureau OJD Interactive . At the end of 2019, Softdatasolution  announced that a headcount reduction procedure would be carried out as a cost-cutting measure, allegedly due to financial and organizational reasons. In December, the company formalized the dismissal of 156 employees, against the initial estimation of 207.

Type of site
File Hoster Website
Available in Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Arabic, English, Japanese, Bulgarian, Swedish and others
Owner Privately held
Revenue $25 to $50 per year
Commercial Yes
Registration Not required
Launched  MAY 2019 
Current status Online